Heating and Energy Surveys

With energy prices soaring and businesses and individuals becoming more aware of the environment and their carbon footprint there is a considerable focus on minimising heat loss in the areas that are generally regarded as the energy centres.

A warm or hot boiler room is losing heat to the environment, which is ultimately costing your business or company money that could be utilised more effectively.

Heat Loss Calculation

Operating Temperature
80° Standard LPHW

Operating Hours (Per Annum)
8760 (e.g. Leisure Centre)

Emissions Un-lagged (W/M2) 671

Emissions Lagged (W/M2) 43

thermal image of heat saving example

Nevis Thermal Insulation have a vast array of bespoke items which can provide that solution and make exceptional heat savings for those difficult aspects of pipework and associated items which need to be covered.

These surveys are carried out in an efficient manner and with over twenty years in the insulation business you can be assured of a range of benefits resulting from these surveys and any subsequent services provided such as :

Reduced energy costs (Average payback within first year of installation)

Significant reduction of energy loss.

Prolonged life cycle of equipment.

Easy removal for Inspections/Maintenance.

Personal protection from heat and burns.

These days in industry all of these points are worthy on an individual basis and not just collectively, so as this is a problem that we as a company have encountered constantly we have decided to offer a range of products to make your business energy consumption more efficient while reducing bills and the carbon footprint of your company.

Once an energy survey has been requested a trained insulation engineer will carry out a survey and identify any insulation deficiencies and the areas for potential savings can be highlighted.

Relevant data will be required from the client to be utilised in the energy saving calculation once the survey has been completed which are then passed to the customers.

If the customer is satisfied with these findings and an order raised the products are then manufactured, delivered and installed on site.

Nevis Thermal Solutions will be glad to discuss any information or queries regarding these surveys.