Insulation Jackets and Covers

Nevis Thermal Solutions insulating jackets are manufactured utilising high quality insulation materials to any specification and temperature to be installed around awkward pipework features where conventional insulation methods would be difficult and ultimately result in poor insulation not fit for purpose.

Insulated Pipes

Examples of these types of features are listed below







Complex Pipework

Insulated Blanket

Although the insulation properties of these thermal jackets and covers is primary, there are various other benefits of thermal insulation jackets, such as :

Easy access for maintenance/inspection.

Barrier protection for personal safety against burns.

Completely sealed removing the potential of airborne particles.

Insulated Flanges

Nevis Thermal Solutions also offer a service to produce "Bespoke" insulation jackets in addition to our standard range.

Our service includes consultation, project analysis, measurement, manufacturing and installation.

We work closely with our clients throughout the whole process and have worked on many large projects where references are available.